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The Children of Sol Three means the people of "Sol Three" or "Sol III," which is the scientific designation for the third planet of the Solar System, the Earth.  "Sol" is the name of our star, the Sun.

The Children of Sol Three is an alternative society developing self-sufficient communities dedicated to serving the larger population.

Love -- of life, of knowledge, of nature and our fellow human beings -- guides our handiwork.

We challenge what the four fateful Horsemen of the Apocalypse stand for: poverty, war, disease and famine.  We work to bring peace to both mind and body.

Our motto is:  Serve the Future.

There is no religious mandate, although many of us are interested in spiritual development.  "Freedom of religion" is one of our basic precepts, and includes agnostics and atheists.

If you would like to establish a dialog about this group, please send me an email.  (See Contact.)

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