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John Arthur Neal has written eight novels, a novelette, and several screenplays, all of which we plan to make into movies.
Stage One Productions has already made two shorts and two mid-length videos.  See Past Projects.
Funding is being sought to produce our first full-length movie, "Bono-Boy" (pronounced "buh-NO-boy").


Sabotage in a primate lab creates a hybrid human-bonobo (like chimpanzee).  Many of the elements needed to make this movie are already in place -- highly polished shooting script, studio space, professional equipment, and most of the cast, crew and locations.  Many project participants will receive backend points (profit percentages) to keep upfront costs low.

John Neal will direct and produce (logistics).
Kevin J. Morton of Morton Media Group will co-produce (marketing & product placement).
Andrew Newberg of Viewpoint Productions will be the Director of Photography and Editor.  See
Chad Michael Crawfurd will play the bono-boy and made many valuable suggestions for the screenplay (co-author credit).
We are fortunate to have Lad DeGlopper as our Production Manager.

Elizabeth Rose will star as the primatologist.  See
Also starring will be Chris Kendall, Raymond Gilmore, Chuck Fiorella, Dick Field and other actors.

To see a slide presentation designed for potential investors, click here.   (Click your "Back" button to return to the website.)  If you would like a copy of the confidential Executive Summary, please contact John Neal.

Because bonobos are an endangered species, a portion of the profits will be donated to bonobo conservation groups.  [Script]

A Collinsville Mystery - First of the Series

Following Spring Break, a corpse is found floating in the college swimming pool.  The student, an expert swimmer, was discovered by the swim team coach, who also teaches Greek and Latin.  Apparently there had been a party during the break; beer bottles litter the crime scene.

Lt. Cyndi Roberts, though technically still on medical leave from a gunshot wound, is assigned the case by the understaffed Collinsville Police Department.  By the end of her investigation, this so-called "light duty" results in Cyndi's near-death and the kidnapping of her retarded daughter.  The abductor is the classics professor and coach -- luring Cyndi into a lethal trap.  

To see sample "frames" from the storyboard, click here.   (Even though it's only a few of the frames, it's still a large file -- please be patient.)  [Novel and Shooting Script]

Big Dreams
A Collinsville Mystery - Second of the Series

Susie, a secretary at the Police Department, falls in love with a sleazy private eye.  He induces Susie to steal confidental police records and embroils her in a blackmail scheme.

Susie has to outsmart the murderer to save her life.  In doing so, she discovers her own inner strength.  [Novel]

The Spook
A Collinsville Mystery - Third of the Series

Barb, office manager and part-time dispatcher, has to choose between her loyalty to the Police Department and her love for her nephew.  Her nephew, a homeless ex-CIA operative suffering from PTSD, nicknamed "the Spook," is suspected of shooting Lt. Cyndi Roberts with a crossbow.

The whole town is gunning for him when he seeks help from his "Aunt Barb."   Her home is stormed, and he has to escape to help find the real perpetrator.  To do so, he must first find his own sense of self-worth.  [Novel]

A Collinsville Mystery - Fourth of the Series

Jan, forensic pathologist and Assistant Medical Examiner, hears the spirit of a murder victim whisper a name.  This sets her on a collision course with the leader of the local "Mexican Mafia" and his cruel wife, the Dragon Lady, who runs a brothel staffed by heroin-addicted teenagers.  [Novel]

Members of the Collinsville Police Department -- as well as the ex-CIA agent formerly nicknamed "the Spook" -- get involved in a foray to rescue the victim's younger sister from their clutches.  Jan's personal life also gets complicated as she struggles to find a compatible life-mate.  [Novel]

Booth People
A Comedy with Celebrity Impersonators - In Association with Booth People, LLC - Screenplay by John Arthur Neal and Kevin J. Morton.

Behind the scenes at a convention exhibit hall, people who staff the booths scheme to rig a drawing to win a car.  Meanwhile, back-to-nature protestors of the Society of Engineers, Calibrators, Technicians and Seismologists (SECTS) chant, "Down with SECTS!"  It sounds like they're shouting, "Down with sex!"

One of the tech companies is selling a CD of blueprints for an electronic switcher that can take over the internet.  A spy tries to steal it just as the protesters storm the hall, causing riotous chaos!  [Screenplay]


Two emotinally wounded college students help each other find self-respect and love.   Doug, a dyslexic wrestler, rages at an unfair world which endowed him with a "defective brain."   Rachel, the wrestling coach's niece and Doug's tutor, is an incest victim.

Doug gives Rachel the courage to confront the abuser, her uncle, his coach, who now wants to kill him.   Rachel teaches Doug that he has true value and something to offer the world, despite -- or even because of -- his dyslexia.  [Screenplay]

Mars Material
A Second Mission to the Red Planet

The first mission discovered huge diamonds created by the enormous Martian volcanos.   Several countries and coalitions send expeditions during the next launch window.  On the eve of departure, the American team is almost wiped out by a terrorist nuclear attack, leaving only the representatives of "America’s youth" to crew the ship.

In addition to the natural perils -- radiation, iron poisoning, depressurization, treacherous landscape -- the crew must contend with interpersonal conflict and international competition for supplies.   Battles and broken hearts must be replaced by cooperation and love for them to survive.  [Novel]

Clone Rebel
Sexual vs. Asexual Reproduction in the 21st century

By 2096, large clone clans dominate economics and politics.   The natural mental resonance observed in identical twins is amplified by brain-wave transmitters, creating artificial telepathy within clans.  This clonal advantage makes "indies" -- individuals -- into second-class citizens.

An 18-year-old member of the most powerful female clan falls in love with an indie who was raised on Vesta, the 2nd largest asteroid.  This Romeo-and-Juliet tryst threatens the clan’s plan for global mind control.  [Novel]

The Test of Time
A Rural Commune Fights the Construction of a Monorail

Within the near future, overpopulation has made life uncomfortable for many.  A new-age group has built a peaceful community in western Georgia.  Along come engineers surveying the route for a high-speed monorail between Atlanta and Columbus.  The track would rip through the heart of the commune, destroying it.

Appeals to the Governor’s office go unheeded. The community secedes from the United States to bring media attention to their plight.  The leader of the group is kidnapped by a rogue federal agent and subjected to VR brain-washing.

Meanwhile, other groups, businesses and even individual homeowners follow suit and declare their independence.   International attention is focused on the drama and the President must take a stand.  [Novel]

Time Tracks

How can we tolerate extraterrestials when we don’t even communicate with our fellow sentient species on Earth?   Cetaceans (whales and dolphins) have larger brains than humans, and yet we slaughter them like animals.

A time traveler makes six trips into the future and one to ancient Crete to try to stop a war between humans and dolphins.  [Novel]

Lands of Sand

An idealistic sand sculptor is seduced by a suntan lotion model -- and the lure of the wealth generated from holographing his artwork.  This modern romance will involve 3D photography.  [Novelette]

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