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Mahogany Knots.  A free-spirited artist takes a temp job with an uptight businessman and shakes up his stale marriage.  (Original 2000, 41 min.)  To see Mahogany Knots, click on the arrow.  To return to the website, click on the "Back" button.    If you get "hesitations," click pause and let the download get ahead of the play (gray ahead of blue bar).  Also available is a short preview (trailer) for those who don't have 41 minutes to watch the whole video right now.

For a Television License Application, click here.

The Gig, a comedy about a videographer and some crazy clients:  "The meeting was a disaster . . . and then it got worse."  (2008, 5 min.)

Awake at the Wheel.  A nursing home resident summons a nurse’s aide -- and changes her life.  (1998, 13 min.)

Dust.  A curmudgeon and a do-gooder battle it out in a retirement home.  (Original 1989, 47 min.  Synopsis 2010, 9 min.)

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