Movies in Development

Stage One Productions, Inc. focuses largely on motion picture production in Colorado, turning the novels and screenplays of John Arthur Neal into visual stories of the human condition. Below is a current list of projects in development.

Feature-Length Films


Sabotage in a primate lab creates a hybrid human-bonobo. Many of the elements needed to make this movie are already in place—a highly polished shooting script, studio space, professional equipment, and most of the cast, crew and locations. Many project participants will receive backend points (profit percentages), to keep upfront costs low.

  • John Neal, Director and Producer
  • Kevin J. Morton (Morton Media Group), Co-Producer
  • Andrew Newberg (Viewpoint Productions), Director of Photography and Editing
  • Lad DeGlopper, Production Manager

Chad Michael Crawfurd will play the “bono-boy,” with Elizabeth Rose starring as the caring primatologist who raises him. Also starring Raymond Gilmore, Chuck Fiorella, Scout James, Manon Gage and others (depending on availability at the time of shooting). A portion of the profits will be donated to bonobo conservation groups.
For details, you can view a slide presentation by clicking on Bono-Boy Motion Picture Project

We’ve got Talent !

Co-Author • Actor portraying “The Bono-Boy”
Chad Michael Crawfurd is the son of the owner of Broadcast One Media Productions, where Stage One rented an office for nine years. Debbie Crawfurd will be an Executive Producer, supplying equipment. Chad had pituitary cancer as a baby; his growth was stunted, making him the ideal stature for the hybrid human-bonobo. Chad starred in television commercials as a child and acted in The Gig.

Co-Producer and Actor portraying “Colonel Pritchard”
Kevin J. Morton of Morton Media Group creates websites, video products and marketing materials for a variety of clients. Kevin also owns a DVD design and duplication company, zDubs.
Kevin and John worked together at National Ear Care Plan a/k/a HearUSA. Kevin was the youngest Director of Marketing and Information Systems of any healthcare organization in the United States. Kevin is currently the marketing director for an international non-profit.

A true genius, Kevin has a B.S. in Marketing and Economics from Arizona State University, where he graduated at the top of his class. Kevin was Director of the Year for the collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association and served as a Committee Member for the President’s Forum.

Having been coached by world-champion Billy Casper, he appears in golf instruction videos and teaches golf privately. In addition, Kevin ran a lucrative golf course marketing venture and was a finalist on the Keller Williams Tour.

Star – “Patricia Westlake, PhD”
Elizabeth Rose will play the surrogate mother of the hybrid. Formerly with Denver Center for Performing Arts, Elizabeth acted in the long-running musical, I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.

A member of the Actors Equity Association (AEA) and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG),Elizabeth has performed in a variety of productions, including the feature films Juncture, produced by Front Range Films, and the Suburban, Fruition Films. Elizabeth also starred in Stage One’s Awake at the Wheel and Mahogany Knots video dramas.

In live theater, Elizabeth was the protagonist in Sam Shepard’s play True West at The Mercury Café. Her credits include Rootie in Ellen Byron’s play, Graceland, and Stella in City Stage Ensemble’s Streetcar Named Desire. More recently, Elizabeth starred in Newsical, the Musical, which toured on the east coast. As a theater director herself, Elizabeth will be the Dialog Coach for Bono-Boy.

Elizabeth has studied acting and directing extensively, and is also a singer and pianist. A composer and performer, Elizabeth released a solo album, Just Pretending.
For details, see the attached resume and visit www.elizabethrose.net.

Chris Kendall won both the Colorado Theater Guild Henry Award and the Denver Post Ovation for his lead role in A Picasso.Chris appeared in three productions with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival and has dozens of other stage credits.

In addition, Chris acted in the films A Test of Wills made by Listen Productions and Conditional by Monster Zero Productions.

A well-known regional actor, Chris has a terrific reputation, and we are proud to have him participate.

Actor portraying “General Hawkins”

Raymond Gilmore of Voice Over the Rockies has a military background and demeanor. Ray is experienced in television, radio, industrials, commercials and a number of voiceover pieces, including the Colorado National Guard.Ray co-hosted Good Morning Fresno for the television station KJEO-TV in California and has taken extensive training in voice and

on-camera acting here in Colorado.

Represented by Radical Artists Agency, you can access a demo at www.radicalartistsagency.com

Dick Field also brings extensive training and experience to the project.Dick starred in The New Detectives and Document and was featured in industrial films for Intellinex, Colorado Judicial Branch, US Dept of Agriculture, US Dept of Labor and others.

Please see his resume in the Business Plan for more detailed information about Dick’s background and training.

Booth People

In association with Booth People, LLC. Screenplay by John Arthur Neal and Kevin J. Morton.Behind the scenes at a convention exhibit hall, people who staff the booths scheme to rig a drawing to win a car. Meanwhile, back-to-nature protestors of the Society of Engineers, Calibrators, Technicians and Seismologists (SECTS) chant, “Down with SECTS!” It sounds like they’re shouting, “Down with sex!” One of the tech companies is selling a CD of blueprints for an electronic switcher that can take over the internet. A spy tries to steal it just as the protesters storm the hall, causing riotous chaos!


Wounded college students help each other find self-respect and love. Doug, a dyslexic wrestler, rages at an unfair world which endowed him with a “defective brain.” Rachel, the wrestling coach’s niece and Doug’s tutor, is an incest victim. Doug gives Rachel the courage to confront the abuser, her uncle, his coach, who now wants to kill him. Rachel teaches Doug that he has true value and something to offer the world, in spite of his dyslexia.

Mars Material

Robotic missions discover huge diamonds created by the enormous Martian volcanos. Several countries and coalitions send expeditions during the next launch window. On the eve of departure, the American team is almost wiped out by a terrorist attack, leaving only the representatives of “America’s youth” to crew the ship. In addition to the natural perils—radiation, iron poisoning, depressurization, treacherous landscape—the crew must contend with interpersonal conflict and international competition for supplies. Battles and broken hearts must be replaced by cooperation and love for them to survive.

Clone Rebel

By 2096, large clone clans dominate economics and politics. The natural mental resonance observed in identical twins is amplified by brain-wave transmitters, creating artificial telepathy within clans. This clonal advantage makes “indies”—individuals—into second-class citizens. An 18-year-old member of the most powerful female clan falls in love with an indie who was raised on Vesta, the 2nd largest asteroid. This Romeo-and-Juliet tryst threatens the clan’s plan for global mind control.

The Test of Time

Overpopulation has made life uncomfortable for many in the near future. A new-age group has built a peaceful community in western Georgia. Then, along come engineers, surveying the route for a high-speed monorail between Atlanta and Columbus. The track would rip through the heart of the commune, destroying it. Appeals to the Governor’s office go unheeded. The community secedes from the United States to bring media attention to their plight. Other groups, businesses and even individual homeowners follow suit and declare their independence. International attention is focused on the drama and the President must take a stand.

Time Tracks

How can we tolerate extraterrestrials when we don’t even communicate with our fellow sentient species on Earth? Cetaceans (whales and dolphins) have larger brains than humans, and yet we slaughter them like animals. A time traveler makes six trips into the future and one to ancient Crete, to try to stop a war between humans and dolphins.

Lands of Sand

A suntan lotion model seduces an idealistic sand sculptor with a lure of wealth, to be generated from holographing his artwork. This modern romance will involve 3D photography.

Series and Shorts

The Collinsville Crime Series

Floater (Episode 1)

Cyndi is a police detective with a secret shameful past in a small college town in Colorado. She goes to the campus to investigate a drowned student in the swimming pool, a “floater.” Everyone assumes it’s an accident. But what she finds is murder and four suspects with motives and secrets of their own.

Digging deeper, she uncovers other crimes—a peeping-tom webcam showing co-eds in the women’s locker room and a teenage girl raped and stabbed to death. As she gets closer to the truth, Cyndi and her loved ones become targets. Now she is in danger of having her secrets exposed and losing everything that matters to her—even her life.

Here are a few of the hundreds of Storyboard “frames” as examples of envisioned scenes.
View storyboard

Big Dreams (Episode 2)

Susie, a secretary at the Collinsville Police Department, falls in love with a sleazy private eye. He seduces Susie into stealing confidential police records and embroils her in a blackmail scheme. Susie has to outsmart the murderer to save her life. In doing so, she discovers her own inner strength.

The Spook (Episode 3)

Barb, office manager and part-time dispatcher, has to choose between her loyalty to the Collinsville Police Department and her love for her nephew. Her nephew, a homeless ex-CIA operative suffering from PTSD, nicknamed “the Spook,” is suspected of shooting Cyndi, the detective, with a crossbow. Barb’s home is stormed, and the Spook has to escape to help find the real perpetrator. The adventure helps him heal his PTSD and find his own sense of self-worth.

Whispers (Episode 4)

Jan, forensic pathologist and assistant medical examiner, hears the spirit of a murder victim whisper a name. This sets her on a collision course with the leader of the local “Mexican Mafia” and his cruel wife, the Dragon Lady, who runs a brothel staffed by heroin-addicted teenagers.
Members of the Collinsville Police Department—as well as the ex-CIA agent formerly nicknamed “the Spook”—rescue the victim’s younger sister from their clutches. Jan’s personal life also gets complicated as she struggles to find a compatible life-mate.