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Stage One Productions, Inc. is a Colorado corporation dedicated to producing films, videos and other entertainment products. Our company was established to make movies from novels and screenplays written by John Arthur Neal, examining different aspects of the human condition. We strive to create meaningful, beautiful, emotionally satisfying movie and television show productions and to compensate investors fairly and substantially.

Colorado Film Production & Video Editing Service

There are billions of people on the planet, all experiencing life in a unique and different way. We share the same struggles and emotions, but everything about our stories is one-of-a-kind. That’s why it’s so important to tell these stories—so we can see how alike, yet different, we all are.

Stage One takes pride in its movie studio services, producing movies and shorts that show how life can affect us. Our movie production service in Colorado takes the inspiration of John Arthur Neal and brings them to life on-screen, telling stories that make people laugh, cry, love and think. Our portfolio spans more than 25 years, and we continue to make films with talented creatives throughout Colorado. To date, John has written eight novels, a novelette and several screenplays—all of which we plan to make into movies.

More than just a motion picture production company, Stage One is committed to the ideas of the creative spirit. That means we work with local talent and crew members, some of whom are filmmakers in their own right. In doing so, we refine our own crafts and increase the ties we have to our communities.

10% of the net profits from each movie will go toward charitable causes and organizations. In addition, proceeds from John’s shares of stock will support the Children of Sol Three—a group dedicated to serving the future, focused on ecological togetherness: One species, on one planet.

  • Within our productions, we portray various aspects of the human condition to inspire personal, social and ecological responsibility.
  • Stage One has produced two shorts and two mid-length video dramas and plans to create movies out of 8 novels, a novella and several screenplays.
  • We’re affiliated with the Colorado Film and Video Association, and are pleased to produce our films in the Centennial State.
  • We’re members of the Lighthouse Writers Workshop, as well as Pikes Peak Writers and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers groups.
  • For more than 25 years we’ve helped contribute to the artistic scene in Colorado, engaging with writers, filmmakers, thespians and other talented creatives.

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Get in touch to learn more about our motion picture editing and television production services. We look forward to making films that improve the lives of others!

President • Writer-Director-Producer

John Arthur Neal

John Arthur Neal has written eight novels, a novella, a play, a dozen short stories, and several movie scripts and adaptations. John collaborated with Chad Michael Crawfurd on the script for Bono-Boy and with Kevin Morton on a feature-length comedy screenplay, Booth People.

John wrote, directed, produced and acted in Mahogany Knots, a 41-minute drama shot in digital video. He also wrote, directed and produced:

  • Dust, a 47-minute video, adapted from his one-act play which had a 12-performance run at Heatley’s Teahouse, a Denver dinner theater;
  • Awake at the Wheel, a 13-minute drama about following one’s dream, and
  • The Gig, a 5-minute comedy about an independent videographer meeting with crazy clients.

John has acted in theater and was a community producer through Denver Open Media,the area’s access cable station. John has also shot and edited a variety of video projects privately.

He is a long-time member of Pikes Peak Writers, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, and Lighthouse Writers Workshop. He is also a current member of, and formerly served on the Board of Directors for, the Colorado Film & Video Association.

Since graduating with a BA in Literature in 1972, John has studied writing and motion picture production in a wide variety of venues, classroom as well as experiential. John attended, when possible, the TV and Movie “Writers in the Rockies” Conference held in Boulder for many years. John has taken numerous seminars at the annual Rocky Mountain Film & Video Expo (now AVX).

John was a founding member of the Rocky Mountain Screenwriters Workshop. John’s participation for over twelve years strengthened his skills in story structure and dialog.

Meanwhile, John worked in administration, human resources, the legal department of a title company, publishing, sales and other areas – all of which taught him valuable lessons in leadership and management. John is healthy, mature, frugal by nature, and married since 1982.

Provisional Vice President • Director of Photography and Editor

Andrew NewbergEmmy Award winning Andrew Newberg was the main videographer and editor for Broadcast One Media Productions for over twelve years. Although Andy still has strong ties with Broadcast One and continues to shoot and edit projects for them, he has launched his own company, Viewpoint Productions.

In addition to hundreds of commercials, industrials, promotional pieces and other work, Andy authored, directed, produced, filmed and edited The Punk, which won creative awards and aired on the Arts & Entertainment (A&E) television channel three times.

Andy has a bachelor’s degree in production, for which he created a technically complex piece in which he dubbed a single singer’s voice into four character parts. Andy learned the ropes at People Productions in Boulder prior to taking over the technical side of Broadcast One.

For a list of major projects and video samples, see

Mary Lee Reinstein is owner/operator of Horse Heaven Stables, an educational riding facility in Brighton, Colorado, established in 1991.

Mary Lee also worked part-time as Branch Assistant for the Louisville, Colorado office of the investment firm, Edward Jones Company. From 1983 through 1990, Mary Lee was a Finance Analyst with Ford New Holland (formerly Sperry New Holland).

Ann Vail obtained a Masters degree in Environmental Science and previously worked for the National Forestry Service. Ann then earned a Masters in Counseling and is currently in private practice. Ann brings intelligence and perspective to the company.

Advisory Board

Darlene A. Cypser, Esq. is the Sales Agent for Stage One. Darlene and her partners market a variety of independently produced motion pictures at the American Film Market every year, as well as through her extensive array of contacts in movie distribution.

Darlene is the engine behind Inferno Film Production, LLC and produced the indie feature Dragon and the Hawk. As writer-producer, Darlene is currently in production with The Highwayman. For more information, please visit

As a currently licensed attorney (Colorado and New York), Darlene was in private practice from 1988-1999. She applies her legal expertise to the entertainment industry, including contract negotiation with distributors, foreign rights buyers, DVD manufacturers.

Darlene wrote and published the Handbook of Colorado Landlord & Tenant Law and the Writer’s Pocket Tax Guide, as well as over a dozen articles. In addition, Darlene has written several screenplays, adaptations and novels.

David Jensen, head of The David Jensen Company, wrote and directed don’t call me, a comedy about the worst job on the face of the earth (telemarketing), among other projects. David teaches the acclaimed workshop, New Producers Seminar, and coordinates screenplay contests and other programs.

Arnold R. Kaplan, Esq. is a securities attorney with approximately thirty years’ experience. Arnie is a partner with the firm Shughart, Thompson & Kilroy, P.C. Not only is Arnie an experienced counselor in venture capital financing, business plans and private placements, but he is John’s brother-in-law’s brother-in-law. Such connections are invaluable.

Anthony Lauro of Ecstatic Entertainment is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, as well as computer software. Tony worked in Hollywood for several years before escaping the LA smog to move to Colorado. He brings both creative and business savvy to Stage One.

Kevin J. Morton is the principal of Morton Media Group. Kevin will be the Co-Producer for this project.

John “Sandy” Santucci is President/CEO of John Sandy Productions, Inc. JSP was the first production company to shoot “extreme sports” – people skiing off mountain tops and so forth.

JSP has won numerous Telly Awards, has many prestigious clients (such as Volkswagen), and owns an extensive video library of stock footage. Sandy’s company is international in scope.

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To learn more about the past or present productions of Stage One Productions, Inc. or to contribute to Children of Sol Three, please contact us today. Our video production services are sure to impress! We look forward to making films that improve the lives of others!

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