Past Projects

Stage One Productions, Inc. has proudly produced four mid-length and short videos, spanning various aspects of the human condition. As a seasoned video production service in Colorado, we’re pleased to have a portfolio that includes comedy, drama, inspirational and philosophical pieces, brought to life by talented cast and crew. Below is a collection of our past projects, including synopses and run times.

Feature-Length Films

Mid-Length Video Films

Mahogany Knots

(2000, 41 min.)
A free-spirited artist takes a temp job with an uptight businessman and shakes up his stale marriage. This story about seeing life through the lens of happiness and joy teaches us that the rigors of everyday life are best weathered when we have someone to share them with. There’s more to life than going through the motions—sometimes it’s important to stop and look at what matters.

Here is a short trailer for the full 41-minute video. For availability of long version, please visit:

Mahogany Knots (Trailer) from John Arthur Neal on Vimeo.


(1989, 47 min.)
A curmudgeon and a do-gooder battle it out in a retirement home. One’s overly caring, the other couldn’t care less! Between them, there might just be enough chemistry to spark a few laughs. As they come around to enjoying the presence of another person in the room, they start to realize that maybe things aren’t worth fighting over. They might even kiss and make up!

Dust / Synopsis from John Arthur Neal on Vimeo.

Short Videos

The Gig

(2008, 5 min.)
“The meeting was a disaster… and then it got worse.” A comedy about a videographer and some crazy clients who just can’t seem to pull an idea together—and when they do, it’s a complete mess. The poor producer can’t get a word in edgewise as he watches a simple creative meeting spiral out of control. The worst part? He’s responsible for providing a complicated commercial on a miniscule budget… and he doesn’t even know what they’re selling!

The Gig from John Arthur Neal on Vimeo.

Awake at the Wheel

(1998, 13 min.)
A nursing home resident summons a nurse’s aide and ends up changing her life. In a moment of pure vulnerability, she sees the importance of pursuing her dreams and not just waiting on her fallback option. The wise words of a man who has loved and lost with regret are enough to transform the trajectory of a young woman who still has so much life left to live. Sometimes, all it takes is one experience to teach us how to live.

Awake at the Wheel from John Arthur Neal on Vimeo.

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